Friday, February 29, 2008

Cirque De Sole

Poor elephant.
This elephant got across the balance beam. I was very impressed. I was so nervous for him. Can you imagine if he fell? Oh my gosh, that would be scary.

Tiger jumping through the ring of fire. The cats kept opening their mouths and their whiskers would separate and they would hiss at the trainer. I thought one of them was going to eat him.
Look how BIG!
The elephants were amazing. I think elephants are my new favorite animal
He knelt at the end

You can imagine our surprise when the first act was introduced and 8 dogs appeared. And this girl was dancing for the dogs
Yes, that IS a poodle jumping through a ring of fire. haha, thank you dogs.
This trainer was MEAN. The second tigger from the right (in the foreground) wasn't cooperating and received a whip across the face. It was loud and it made me pretty upset.
The Siberian tigers were really pretty.
Here is a good picture of the kittens.

We went to the Shrine Circus last night. Not quite the Cirque De Sole, but a close second. We had a lot of fun. I think I cried like 3 times...At the circus? Yes. Why? Because the elephants looked miserable. They looked like they needed the assistance of a veterinarian. Badly. They were walking around in a circle giving rides to little children with sticky-fingers (you could pay to ride them before the show). I really wanted to ride one because it's on my "bucket list" but I didn't want to go by myself...The second time was when I saw the clowns who were old men in costume. Men who have probably defended our country at some time or another and are now dressed up as clowns to entertain. And the last time, I walked out to get Bruce to show him where our seats were (he met us there) only to be welcomed back to our National Anthem. I looked to find the flag and not far from it, Shrines saluted. I can't quite describe in words what I saw nor what I felt but I can say that in that moment, I was so proud to live in this country and none other.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

In desperate need of motivation

I haven't been up to par with my blogging efforts. I admit it. The reason being... I don't really have any motivation. The people who check our blog on a regular basis are the ones who already know exactly what we have been up to. I know some of you CAN'T WAIT until our next post because you believe we live these extremely adventurous and thrill-seeking lives and feel the need to live vicariously through us. Allow me put the rumors to rest. The truth is, we are just normal people living normal lives. We wake up, go to our jobs, come home, have dinner, go to bed; repeat. SOMETIMES, we get really crazy on the weekends and watch a movie, but those are considered to be special occasions.

Okay, lets get real. For those of you who haven't already visited Natalie and Quincy's blog... Bruce and I went to Washington D.C. to visit my sister and her family (check her blog for pictures). It was such a wonderful trip! We were able to spend time with them before they leave for Saudi Arabia AND we were there for Porter's first birthday!!! We are going to miss them so much. Natalie introduced me to a fabulous book The Color of Water, and I have determined reading isn't so bad. I couldn't put the book down. For those of you who don't know me, I like reading just as much as I like to exercise. Not at all. People couldn't pay me to do either... until now. Just for the record, I went running a few times last week. Yeah. Does anyone have any good suggestions for another book? Something tragic preferably? And please not the Twilight series although I am highly interested... Bruce is about 15 pages from finishing the Iliad. He's incredible. He's motivation enough for me. I have secret competitions with him while we sit in bed at night reading our books. The game starts when he turns a page and I begin reading as fast as I can and try to finish my 2 pages before he does. I know I win when I turn my page first. Poor guy doesn't even know what is really going on.

Well, I guess the last thing we have going on is the CiRcUs! Yup, tomorrow night! I'm actually really excited. It's a local one. Who knew Indy was so hip!? I hope we bump into Eddie's son (Dad that one is for you). He will either be guessin' peoples weight or barking for the yak-woman.

Okay, I'll post pictures in a bit.