Friday, March 29, 2013

Remember when I said...

Remember several years ago when I posted; red-head boy NOT included ? Fast-forward a few years--almost 5 to be exact. Much has happened since that post--INCLUDING a newfoundland named Lola and a red-head boy. I could not be happier about this update. Enjoy.

I love this picture for so many reasons. Today, especially, I am missing my son at that age, I have been negotiating with time recently to allow my boys to stay little for just a little longer--time seems to be winning. I also miss sweet Lola and how she interacted with our family. Perfect addition for our family.

Ps. I don't think i'm ready to re-commit to the blogosphere. But I was reminded the other day about my "exclusions" from a previous post and how they are very much part of my life--in a big way.

Monday, August 31, 2009

did you miss me?

since it's been a year, i've decided to end my boycott with a little post. first, i forgot how to sign in! in the past year apparently blogger has changed, and it took me a minute to figure out how to post!

hmm, i guess our house was completed in december and we moved in! wow, i guess it really has been a while. we love, love, love our house! thanks dad and mom for putting us up for 6 months!!

in april, we got a dog. her name is lola. shes a newfoundland!! i got my newfie! shes so dang cute, and she's well behaved. but please don't try to break into our house because lola isn't a gaurd-dog. she would come up to you, sniff you, and wag her tail.

we don't have internet. i am stealing from my neighbor as we speak, thanks to whoever smiley236 is! so, i can't download any pictures because smiley's connection isn't strong enough.

and we recently found out we are expecting our first baby at the beginning of next year!

alright, i'm off the hook until august 31, 2010!!! woo-hoo!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

reunion (with the blog)

It's been some time since I've blogged. After several comments, prodding, exciting events, and lots of new news, I'm back. I won't get in too deep but I will just summarize the past few months and post a few pictures...because lets be realistic, that is the real reason we blog, right?

We went down to Greenwood at the beginning of June to celebrate my nephew's birthday. Preston, who is now FIVE. I can't believe how old he is! Stop getting so big!

I had the opportunity to visit the Beal's in D.C. for the 4th of July. Here is Porter with Buttons. Here kitty...

While in D.C. I harvested honey... It was very interesting and surprisingly fun!

Ashley was able to visit as well. It was a fun time. Ashley, Natalie, and I with Dad.

Mom, Porter, and Natalie

July 18th, our very special niece, Ella, joined our family.

While Brittany and Ella were in the hospital, the boys came to stay at Grandma's. We got to do some fun things. We played in the pool...

And we made cupcake cones. I love these boys and I'm so glad they live so close!

We celebrated Dad's birthday at the end of July. He got a new toy. This is the only thing he has ever really wanted, and he deserves it more than anyone I know.

August means the State Fair in Indiana... Keri and I got to go and see some new baby pigs, and ride the rides. It's a tradition.

They've finally started on our house!! We are so excited, I've been out there several times to take pictures and they're only this far... But it will be done eventually.

Natalie, Quincy, and Porter came in and stayed with us for over a week. We went to the symphony on the prairie last Saturday... Porter at the symphony

Bruce and I at the symphony

I took off work last Thursday so that I could go to the State Fair...again. But this time with family. It was so fun to watch the boys ride the rides. Preston and Collin started in the bumble-bee

Preston, Dad, and Collin with the cows. After visiting the pigs, we were getting ready to go see the horses and Preston started protesting, "I can't go in there, I don't like the smell." We convinced then that the horses don't smell like the pigs.

Last night was Natalie& Quincy's last night here. We went out to dinner to Bravo. It was great!

Mom and Dad, looking fabulous!

The Beal family. We will miss you so much! good luck in Dubai!!

Oh, and I got new glasses.

Thanks for being so patient! Hopefully it won't be so long next time!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


my husband...
betsy, brittney, lindsey, keri
michaela & kyle
just the girls... lindsey, betsy, me, keri, amanda, brittney, michaela. why didn't anyone tell me about the flying bunnies? one landed in my hair. you see it? up there. yeah, on the left.
nhs alum. kyle, me, keri, linds, brit, amanda, chris

my best friends birthday was yesterday. we went out to champps to celebrate. some of our friends i haven't seen for a long time. it was so much fun to catch up and to celebrate such a special day. happy birthday, keri!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Before I get fired...

i just wanted to make a mother's day post about my sunbeams. how i love my sunbeams. they bring me such joy! i am actually getting a bit choked up just thinking about how sweet they are. i love them all so much. i want to thank the parents (especially the mothers, on this post-mother's day) of my sunbeams for having such sweet children and for sharing them with me each sunday.

yesterday was mother's day. it was a wonderful day, despite the rain. after sacrament, i walked into primary. i sat down in the middle of the front row. caroline was the first one there. she quietly came in and sat down.
caroline: "you know why people lick their fingers?"
me: "why caroline?"
caroline: "because when the pages are sticky, it separates them so they don't get stuck together."
me: "you're right! caroline, how are you so smart?"
caroline: "i'm a very smart girl."
me: "you are a very smart girl."

diana walks in, sits down.
diana: "i brought cookies!" (shows me her box of girl scout cookies)
me: "diana, you're so nice to bring treats!" (she brings something each week to share)
diana: "sister joray, my shoes match your purse!"
me: "you're right, diana! what color are they?"
diana: "umm, WHITE!"
diana didn't ask for her mom one time! Not once!

nathan comes in and stands in front of me. (caroline to my right, diana to my left)
me: "nathan do you want to sit on my lap?"
nathan: "yes." in his voice, (which i love so much).
i begin "going on a treasure hunt" on his back. "going on a treasure-hunt, x marks the spot. line, line, dot, dot, BIG questions mark. spiders going up your back, bite! all the blood is rushing down. spiders going up your back, bite! all the blood is rushing down. tight squeeze. (blow) cool breeze. now you've go the chills!"
nathan: smiles, "can you do that again?"
me: "yes, but you have to whisper." i do it again but only the motions, no words.
nathan: "can you say it too?"
me: "no, because gracie is giving a talk about her mother."
nathan was quiet and content the whole time! he was snuggly. he melted me.

kaia walks in.
kaia: "can i sit by you, sister joray?"
me: "there aren't any seats by me, could you sit next to diana?"
kaia sits in the seat next to diana.
kaia: "sister joray, look what i drawed!"
me: "did you do that for you mom on mother's day?"
kaia: "look sister joray, i got a bracelet."
me: "that's a pretty cool bracelet you have, kaia."

kalia walks in and stands in front of me.
me: fighting back tears, choke. (her mom, ana, is standing beside her). in my head; don't cry. "kalia, it was so nice of you to remember my birthday! can i have a hug? you're such a sweet girl, kalia."
she quietly sits on the other side of caroline.

katie walks in.
me: "hi katie!"
she sits on the other side of kaia.
katie: "sister joray, look at my sparkly shoes!"
me: "katie, where did you get such sparkly shoes?"
katie: "my mom."
me: "i like your sparkly shoes."

layton comes in. he sits in the last chair in the row, closest to the door. i look at him, smile and wave. he smiles shyly, hides his head. we play this game for a few minutes.
layton didn't cry, didn't ask for mom or dad. was just cute and smiley.

they were perfect. my perfect sunbeams. not one was crying. not one was rowdy. not one was being irreverent. just perfect.

we go to our classroom. i begin the lesson with an opening prayer. during the prayer i crack one eye open to make sure everyone was doing what they are supposed to; fold arms, bow head, close eyes. i was caught!!! "Amen."
nathan: "i saw, you PEEKED!! hahaha i like the prayers when you peek. "
i couldn't help but to laugh a little because it's true. i was peeking. i should be an example by not peeking. but i did.

i was in a good mood, feeling like i could take on the world. within minutes it turned to complete chaos!! i couldn't get through the first half of the lesson. i didn't feel like being grumpy so i kind of let things slide. someone was on the floor with a chair on her back acting like a turtle. another someone was climbing the window sill. one of them was stealing another one's chair, "he took my chair". someone else was lifting her dress over her head. while i was busy telling the someone with her dress over her head that "little girls don't lift their dresses up", the door opens, it's sister gorge, the primary president. whoops. she saw the mass chaos! quickly i try to pull it together. too late. i let it go too far already. "class, we have a visitor! how should we act when we have a visitor?" i received cooperation from most with whom i went on with the lesson, while the other few were being rep remanded.

well, needless to say they calmed down in time for a few activities and sugar cookies. i can assure you that not every sunday turns out this way, only the sundays when primary presidents come to check in. and this is why i may be fired.

it was a good sunday. my sunbeams were happy and i was happy.

we missed jacob, skyler, and morgan with us in class yesterday! we hope to see you next sunday!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

we got dirt!

It's been some time since I've posted a real post. And this one won't be much, my apologies. We're not pregnant. Bruce told me I needed to update so people don't really think I am. No one is going to believe me when we really do decide to extend our family. Anyway, Bruce and I are going to build our first house. We are so excited! We have our piece of dirt and are ready to get the ball rolling. It won't be complete until December so we will move back in with mom and dad. We are kind of excited because it will be nice to be in a house again and it will also be nice to save up some money. I just have a few pictures of our dirt and some of my sweet nephews. I'll blog about it later. Sorry for the short and uninformative update.

home sweet home
our address will be 12708....
braddock lane
preston during his first soccer game. i cry at some point each game i watch. he's so big!
collin being a shark. it was hilarious! he's so cute!
porter-bug. don't you just want to snuggle him?

Friday, May 2, 2008

Good news...

We have some really good news! Sorry I can't write about it now. I'm running out the door for a meeting. Stay tuned though.