Saturday, December 1, 2007

big trees, new do's, and the 'ville

I was getting the oil changed in my car the other day. I was getting my checkbook out to pay when I read their new policy. Hm... Sometimes I am painfully aware of where I live. I love it!!!

Ps. This is NOT a joke.

This was just a few minutes ago. I was trying to make those disgusting lips. I failed. Bruce is in bed and I'm watching some lame Hallmark Christmas movie. I really want to be in the basement with my family, sitting by the fire, watching Christmas Vacation, wrapping presents...then snuggling.

While at work the other day, I made an impulse decision to cut off my hair. I was sick of having to style it every day when I knew it would just end up in a pony-tail. One of my fellow-stylists cut off about 8 inches. It really needed to go. It was way past time. So here it is! I know I look REALLY happy. I was sitting in the break room at work, alone, taking pictures of myself.

The day after Thanksgiving, Bruce and I went downtown Indy for the tree-lighting. I really enjoy outings such as these. I live for them. It was pretty cold, and very crowded... but so exciting!