Monday, January 21, 2008

Hey guyyys...Check this out!

I've had this idea for a while. I have been wanting to flat-iron Bruce's hair just to see what it would look like straight because he has a lot of curl. My only problem was the execution of my plan. Timing is of the essence. When Bruce is playing a game, is watching a program on t.v. or is researching his latest on wikipedia, he is fixated on it. He has this incredible ability to tune out his surroundings. This is something I envy. As I sit here watching 'Best of Hawaii' on the Travel channel, I have only made it through 5 1/2 sentences in 30 minutes. I cannot even concentrate long enough to complete one thought! Back to my original thought... I caught him in a vulnerable state. A chess game. I think it went something like this: Bruce can I flat-iron your hair? I am taken back by his reply. His answer is one word, monotone, almost drooling, jaw open just enough to let me know he is REALLY into his game. I knew I had it made. "Surre." I almost didn't hear what he said. But rather than making sure my ears were not deceiving me, I ran into the bathroom to grab the flat-iron and a comb. Within seconds I was experiencing what i would consider to be pure ecstasy. HE EVEN LET ME PUT PRODUCT IN IT! *Note: If you know Bruce, you know he is no-fuss. Previous to this phenomenon, he wouldn't have let me come within feet of his head with a hot tool designed to flatten out curl.* This time was different.

So now, I give you the final result. You may never see it again. What do you think?

We (and when I say "we," I mean I) were just being silly.

I was trying to get his attention. MAUH!

He's so great!
Taking a quick break from an intense game of chess.
Alright one, just one.
Please stop before things turn violent.
Just playing around.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Okay, seriously, this is ridiculous and the reason I only post every 3 months. I tried to put all of the pictures in chronological order. It has taken me 45 minutes to upload the pictures onto my blog. So, rather than trying to arrange everything the way I want it, I'm just going to label each picture; PreChristmas, JorayChristmas, MangusChristmasEve, MangusChristmasDay, NewYearsEve. Make sense?

PreChristmas: After Preston's Christmas program for school, we went to El-Camino. This is Preston and Brittany. I love this one!!
PreChristmas: Adam and Liz were so gracious to give us our Christmas tree. Thank you Adam and Liz! The Tree is beautiful, and it was so fun to decorate as we watched the First presidency Christmas devotional.

Can't remember: I don't remember when this was, but I do remember we were at El Camino...again. Don't you love his hair?
I don't know: Mangs. She is so fun!! I don't know when or where this was taken. I miss you!!
PreChristmas: The day after Natalie and Porter arrived, she came into the salon to get her hair trimmed. I love it!
Seconds after cutting 10" off. We donated the hair to Locks of Love.
PreChristmas: I had to work right up until the time I was supposed to be meeting my family to go to Preston's Christmas program. I got there a little late and had to sit up in the nose-bleed section. It was held in the auditorium of Westfield High School. I used the zoom on my camera to try to find Preston but I couldn't. So, I ran up to the front of the stage. I was literally 10 feet from him and this is the closest shot I could get. Preston is in the blue on the front row. I was so proud of him. He did all of the motions and was always right-on. They were singing "Up on the housetop" and while everyone around me was laughing, I began to cry. I'm so glad they have moved here and that I will be able to watch them grow and to attend their school functions. After wiping my tears and telling myself how ridiculous I was, I ran back up to the rafters.

MangusChristmasEve: After receiving our pajamas, we took several pictures. What a wonderful Christmas we had. We are so blessed to have all been together this year. Thank you Mom and Dad for another incredible Christmas.
MangusChristmaseve: Bruce and Quincy discussing books, politics, or their new pajamas.
JorayChristmas: This is Noah. He is such a cute boy. The twins are walking now! It's so fun to watch them interact. I love them!
JorayChristmas: This is our niece, Alora. She is a ball of energy and she is very bright! In the background, you can see a blur of Shad and Hannah, Molly on the floor, and Greg on the couch.
JorayChristmas: Bruce's parents gave the grand kids trust funds and wrapped them so creatively. They wrapped them in large boxes filled with packaging peanuts, tissue paper and other various space-fillers. When they opened their presents they would play in the boxes. This is a clearer picture of Shad, sitting on the present, and Hannah, waiting patiently for Molly to hand her something.
*Note* For some reason I had a hard time figuring out my shutter speed at the Joray's so my pictures are a little blurry. I apologize.

MangusChristmasEve: This is after we opened our pajamas. From the left: Britt, Nat, Mom, Mangs, me
MangusChristmasEve: First attempt at our first family Christmas, (as a married couple).
MangusChristmasEve: A-"Lets try another one!" B-"Do we have to?"
MangusChristmasEve: B-"I'll smack you with my book if we take another picture." This is a really good book by the way. It makes you feel really good about your strengths, especially if you previously viewed them as weaknesses. Gives you a whole new perspective.
MangusChristmasEve: Just ONE more! He resisted, so I grabbed his neck and forced one. Thank you for your cooperation.

MangusChristmasDay: I love this picture of the Beals!!! LOVE IT!

MangusChristmasDay: The Carroll boys. It's a good thing they had their eye-masks last night. Even little boys need their beauty-rest. They were so excited about the train Santa brought them.
MangusChristmasDay: I was afraid of this. All he wanted were a bunch of books...which is exactly what he got. I may never see him again.

MangusChristmasEve: The whole Beal family. Porter looks a little fuzzy. Sorry.

MangusChristmasEve: The Mangus girls. Merry Christmas!!!

MangusChristmasDay: Sorry, I had to.

MangusChristmasDay: Morning Pee-Wee!

MangusChristmasDay: Not all of us are so fortunate to wake up and look this good! Dang!!!

MangusChristmasDay: Morning Francis...

NewYearsEve: Fearless Collin with his sparklers.

NewYearsEve: Preston with his sparkler. They had fun with their fireworks.

NewYearsEve: After 3 hours of being in their new home, the Carrolls had the whole family over for a New Years Eve party. Some unpacked while others cooked, ran to Papa Johns, and gave equestrian lessons.
NewYearsEve: At the Carroll's after playing a few rounds of BINGO.
NewYearsEve: Funny thing. We were the last to arrive for the New-Year's Eve party. Bruce and I were wearing red and Green as were the Beal's. Great minds think alike.
Final product. This is our family Christmas picture. Each year the guys get matching pajamas, as do the girls and the babies. I call them babies in hopes that they will stay little forever. They are all getting SO BIG!