Sunday, August 17, 2008

reunion (with the blog)

It's been some time since I've blogged. After several comments, prodding, exciting events, and lots of new news, I'm back. I won't get in too deep but I will just summarize the past few months and post a few pictures...because lets be realistic, that is the real reason we blog, right?

We went down to Greenwood at the beginning of June to celebrate my nephew's birthday. Preston, who is now FIVE. I can't believe how old he is! Stop getting so big!

I had the opportunity to visit the Beal's in D.C. for the 4th of July. Here is Porter with Buttons. Here kitty...

While in D.C. I harvested honey... It was very interesting and surprisingly fun!

Ashley was able to visit as well. It was a fun time. Ashley, Natalie, and I with Dad.

Mom, Porter, and Natalie

July 18th, our very special niece, Ella, joined our family.

While Brittany and Ella were in the hospital, the boys came to stay at Grandma's. We got to do some fun things. We played in the pool...

And we made cupcake cones. I love these boys and I'm so glad they live so close!

We celebrated Dad's birthday at the end of July. He got a new toy. This is the only thing he has ever really wanted, and he deserves it more than anyone I know.

August means the State Fair in Indiana... Keri and I got to go and see some new baby pigs, and ride the rides. It's a tradition.

They've finally started on our house!! We are so excited, I've been out there several times to take pictures and they're only this far... But it will be done eventually.

Natalie, Quincy, and Porter came in and stayed with us for over a week. We went to the symphony on the prairie last Saturday... Porter at the symphony

Bruce and I at the symphony

I took off work last Thursday so that I could go to the State Fair...again. But this time with family. It was so fun to watch the boys ride the rides. Preston and Collin started in the bumble-bee

Preston, Dad, and Collin with the cows. After visiting the pigs, we were getting ready to go see the horses and Preston started protesting, "I can't go in there, I don't like the smell." We convinced then that the horses don't smell like the pigs.

Last night was Natalie& Quincy's last night here. We went out to dinner to Bravo. It was great!

Mom and Dad, looking fabulous!

The Beal family. We will miss you so much! good luck in Dubai!!

Oh, and I got new glasses.

Thanks for being so patient! Hopefully it won't be so long next time!